Diligence In the field of societal theories and systems


Diligence In the field of societal theories and systems

Conditions of participation
1. Commitment in research to a sound scientific method, and serious research based on criticism and analysis.
2. The research should not be published, extracted, or participated in in a previous conference. And that the research leads to recommendations and tangible outputs.
3. The research provides an abstract in Arabic and English on a compact disc (CD), not exceeding three pages.
4. An electronic copy of the research shall be sent on the (Word) system, in Simplified Arabic, with a size of (14), provided that the research does not exceed (25) pages, along with a scientific biography of the researcher.
5. The research is submitted directly to the Preparatory Committee or via e-mail:
6. That the research be within the conference themes.
7. The number of participants should not exceed two in one research.
8. Participating research will be published in a special edition.
9. The deadline for receiving research abstracts is January 20, 2021.
10. The deadline for submitting all papers is February 20, 2021.
11. The House of Wisdom shall bear the accommodation and travel expenses of researchers from outside Iraq.
12. The House of Wisdom shall bear the accommodation expenses for researchers from outside the city of Baghdad.

Conference goals
1- Evaluating the discretionary practices in jurisprudence and contemporary thought that are concerned with discovering human life systems and working to develop them within objective objectives, and sufficient legal evidence.
2- Classifying these attempts on the basis of the strength of the outputs and the depth of the structural cohesion of the system established in jurisprudence, in order to achieve the conditions for creating a legal society and state.
3- Highlighting the necessity of moving from partial jurisprudence to the jurisprudence of systems and theories in order to reach the integration of the general order of our contemporary societies.
4- Facilitating the methodology of induction and the organized collection of sub-jurisprudential rulings towards making the jurisprudential theory and a comprehensive system for the general needs of man.
5- Activating the scientific movement towards discovering the project of revival in the Islamic world by revitalizing the elements of strength and depth in the religious heritage and contemporary practice.
The conference is supported by several Iraqi and Arab institutions, including:
1- Presidency of the Deans of the Faculties and Departments of Islamic Sciences
2- Knowledge University - Lebanon
3- El Alamein Institute for Higher Studies
4- Civilization Center for Islamic Thought - Lebanon

Conference themes
1- The system of international relations with world powers in contemporary jurisprudence.
2- The system of managing diversity and plurality in contemporary societies ... a contemporary jurisprudential vision.
3- The theories and authorities of the state in contemporary jurisprudence according to the current reality.
4- The Istikhlaf system and the human role in legislation, governance, urbanization and its responsibility.
5- The moral and social system and its effects on other systems in contemporary jurisprudence.
6- System of solidarity, insurance, combating poverty, general balance, and the theory of sustainable development in contemporary jurisprudence.
7- Knowledge system - its sources - its circulation - its investment - controls and processes.
8- The contemporary Islamic civilization vision of cooperation between nations (the solidarity of civilizations).
9- Analyzing the current problems in our world based on the rules of Islamic jurisprudence, and discovering their solutions from the Holy Qur’an and the authentic Sunnah.
10- Paying attention to digital cyber development and its inclusion in the scope of jurisprudence.

See the conference
Islamic jurisprudence is the essence of Islamic civilization as it is attached to the sacred text, and none of its vocabulary is derived from foreign cultures, as it is on pure Islamic knowledge through which the development of the Arab mind can be known. This jurisprudence grew horizontally, so Muslims had several schools (i.e. methods of deduction) and vertically. It proceeded from understanding the text to the depth of it to benefit from its repercussions.
It accumulated from the individual's partial jurisprudence to the jurisprudence of the rules of jurisprudence that work in one field of law and then to the major rules that constitute the intermediate introduction in more than one field. Diminished after the obstacles that were placed towards the diligence.
Therefore, this conference came to awaken and stimulate this type of jurisprudence. Because contemporary society is now preoccupied with challenges that were previously unknown, such as climate change, weapons of destruction, struggles over wealth and influence, and the most dangerous cyber warfare.

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