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(Iraqi and Japanese history, society, and heritage...diverse perspectives

The womenís quota in the election law between equality and justice and the effectiveness of its outcomes in the House of Representatives and the provincial councils

Humanization discourse in artificial intelligence communication technologies

Drugs and addiction - effects and complications

Provincial councils between their constitutional importance and their realistic experienceThe Islamic foundation of quality - concept, thought and knowledgeFrom an innovative idea to a start-up enterpriseThe continuity of language in the emoji: a return to primitiveness or a simulation of the age of speed?(16 days campaign to combat violence against women and girls)Drugs and addiction - effects and complicationsHumanization discourse in artificial intelligence communication technologiesConference on the campaign against violence against womenThe womenís quota in the election law between equality and justice and the effectiveness of its outcomes in the House of Representatives and the provincial councils(Iraqi and Japanese history, society, and heritage...diverse perspectivesThe role of philosophy in quality management(Iraqi research centers on foreign policy and their role in decision-making)Translation and Human Development/Dialogues in translating the book (Love Choices by Barbara de Angels)Human security and sustainable development in Iraq and the Arab world Reality, challenges and ways to confrontMeeting of the advisory group of the Department of Political StudiesThe role of the agricultural sector in achieving food security in IraqThe path of development and future prospects for the Iraqi economyThe role of women in confronting climate changeClimate changes and their economic impactsBoard of Trustees members meetingThe status of the Arabic linguistic lesson In the era of advanced linguisticsWaste management and treatment...wasted renewable energies(Migrant workers in impacts and development prospects)Waste management and treatment... Wasted renewable energy.(Cybercrimes... blackmail, defamation, bullying, and begging - between Islamic jurisprudence and Iraqi law)Abuse of power and its impact on Iraqi national security (legal - security - administrative treatment)Philosophy and its role in professional ethicsDiscussing the MPís guideline in the Parliamentary Health and Environment CommitteeThe Russian/Ukrainian war and its repercussions on international security and the Middle EastLow level of education and security: exchange of influenceParticipation of the Head of the Department of Historical Studies at the House of Wisdom, Dr. Haider Qasim Matar Al-TamimiDrawing up national policies related to the goals of the energy subsidy and emission reduction initiativeDiversity of religious discourse styles according to changes in time and placeManifestations of linguistic depth in the structure of the interactive poemThe annual competition on the occasion of International Translation DayReceiving and evaluating scientific research electronicallyInvestment and tourism development prospects, reality, challenges and ambitionStrategies for translating religious textThe Scholars Sponsorship Law, the Iraq Award for Creativity, and support for Iraqi scientists and innovatorsCombating financial and administrative corruption in state departments is the responsibility of all of usHouse of Wisdomís participation in the launch of the exhibition activitiesDialogues in creative translationThe path of development and international economic relationsClimate change: reality and challengesA conceptual introduction to the quality management systemViolent crimes against children and legal and human responsibilityThe role of stability in consolidating Iraqi national security and its implications for foreign policyThe semiotics of morphological derivationThe President of the Republic visits a libraryDr. Mahmoud Ali Al-Daoud, the nation's diplomatic memory

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Aims & Means

Bayt Al–Hikma goals:

- Studying history of Iraq
- Studying Arabic and Islamic civilization and Arabic and Islamic heritage as well as investigating documents and scripts.
- Establishing approaches of dialogue between cultures and religions to spread peace culture, forgiveness value and coexistence between individuals, societies and human civilizations
- Monitoring and following up political, economical and legal development .
- Concentrating on researches and field studies concerning social problems and phenomena.
- Concentrating on researches and studies concerning human rights to establish democracy value and civil society.
- Presenting strategic visions that serve decision - making centers in government and society.

Bayt Al– Hikma means

To achieve its goals, Bayt Al-Hikma takes the following steps:
Contracting with authors ,researchers and translators inside and outside Iraq to write, make researches and translations.
Assigning Iraqi ,  Arab and foreign  writers and researchers to  make researches that serve Bayt Al-Hikma goals.
Translating the important books and researches concerning Arab homeland from and into Arabic language.
Publishing books, studies ,thesis relating to Bayt Al-Hikma goals.
Issuing publications ,magazines and periodicals to be distributed  inside and outside Iraq.
Having the rights of authoring and translating by others  reserved to Bayt Al- Hikma inside and outside Iraq.
Cooperating with foundations concerned with culture and thought issues inside and outside Iraq.
Organizing and participating in different cultural activities as symposium, conferences inside and outside iraq in any  suitable way.
Prizes under the title of (Bayt Al–Hikma prizes) to be awarded to honor intellectuals and thinkers who serve goals of Bayt Al-Hikma with their writings .
Founding a library to help researchers and scholars with their works

Energy subsidies and emissions reduction

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Change the value of the Iraqi currency .. Benefits and costs Seminar held by the Department of Economic Studies


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