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What is the difference between a conference, a symposium, a workshop, and a panel discussion?

Climate change... and the outcomes of the Glasgow Conference

Empowering women and its link to sustainable development

The effect of positive thinking on job performance.

Financial sustainability and the multiple constraints of the public budget: the Iraqi public finances as a model

The reality of Iraqi women in the light of the critical-feminist school theses

Linguistics from mass media to digital mediaTotal Quality Management and Institutional Development Department ConferenceHistory, politics and society in Iraq and Japan between two perspectivesSheikh Abdul Karim Al-Zanjani The nation's philosopher and one of the pioneers of rapprochement between Islamic sectsThe effect of philosophy on developing critical thinking among university studentsOil and politics in Iraq - the struggle of ambitions and interestsCommunity Police: Reality and HopeThe Second International Forum of Research and Scientific Centers under the slogan (Networking and Knowledge Production in the Arab World)Arabic Rhetorical Achievement in the Light of Western Turning Points - Cognitive ApproachesCommunity Police: Reality and HopeFinancial sustainability and the multiple constraints of the public budget: the Iraqi public finances as a modelThe reality of Iraqi women in the light of the critical-feminist school thesesThe effect of positive thinking on job performance.Empowering women and its link to sustainable developmentClimate change... and the outcomes of the Glasgow ConferenceThis is how I learned translationWhat is the difference between a conference, a symposium, a workshop, and a panel discussion?When do Arab parliaments rule the Middle EastProtecting the rights of working womenThe problem of translating cultural difference in children's literatureJournalists' rights, publishing crimes, hate speech, reality and solutions to achieve a culture of social peaceTo the circular economy in Iraq, solutions to the energy and climate crisesThe Parliamentary System in Iraq ... Its Nature and Chances of SuccessThe audio lesson and the problem of drawingFrom my experiences in translating books of translation studiesThe National Initiative for Energy Subsidy and Emission ReductionEducation and the challenges of globalizationEncyclopedia of the Fatwa of Sufficient Defense.. Historical Documentary ReadingThe role of public opinion in rationalizing government decisions. Reality, challenges, solutionsBlind translator and remote translation mechanismsHate speech and cyber bullying - philosophical treatments in the light of applied ethicsThe development initiatives of the Central Bank of Iraq and their role in bridging the government funding gapThe participation of the House of Wisdom in the Iraq International Book FairThe translation of the novel and the requirements of the narrative textUpgrading the job behavior is a way to achieve our goals at workThe Russian-Ukrainian war and its repercussions on the international and regional system and the Middle EastThe course of employee effectiveness towards the organizationThe first preparatory meeting for the Conference on Energy Subsidy and Emission ReductionPhilosophy in literature and modern criticismThe Department of Translation at the College of Arts, Al-Mustansiriya University, hosted by the House of WisdomTwo pioneers of the contemporary Iraqi historical schoolIraqi financial policy between the general budget 2022 and the law of emergency support for food security and development: a reading of the implementation requirementsDiscussion of the guiding guide to reduce corruption in government institutionsIn need of philosoThe problem of contemporary philosophical discourseLegal protection of intellectual property in accordance with international standards and the legal status of copyright and related rightsThe First Intellectual Forum to Combat Negative Ideas and Phenomena in Society Atheism as a ModelVisit of the Palestinian delegation to the House of WisdomTime management skillCognitive mechanisms in interpretation and wrinkles

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Aims & Means

Bayt Al–Hikma goals:

- Studying history of Iraq
- Studying Arabic and Islamic civilization and Arabic and Islamic heritage as well as investigating documents and scripts.
- Establishing approaches of dialogue between cultures and religions to spread peace culture, forgiveness value and coexistence between individuals, societies and human civilizations
- Monitoring and following up political, economical and legal development .
- Concentrating on researches and field studies concerning social problems and phenomena.
- Concentrating on researches and studies concerning human rights to establish democracy value and civil society.
- Presenting strategic visions that serve decision - making centers in government and society.

Bayt Al– Hikma means

To achieve its goals, Bayt Al-Hikma takes the following steps:
Contracting with authors ,researchers and translators inside and outside Iraq to write, make researches and translations.
Assigning Iraqi ,  Arab and foreign  writers and researchers to  make researches that serve Bayt Al-Hikma goals.
Translating the important books and researches concerning Arab homeland from and into Arabic language.
Publishing books, studies ,thesis relating to Bayt Al-Hikma goals.
Issuing publications ,magazines and periodicals to be distributed  inside and outside Iraq.
Having the rights of authoring and translating by others  reserved to Bayt Al- Hikma inside and outside Iraq.
Cooperating with foundations concerned with culture and thought issues inside and outside Iraq.
Organizing and participating in different cultural activities as symposium, conferences inside and outside iraq in any  suitable way.
Prizes under the title of (Bayt Al–Hikma prizes) to be awarded to honor intellectuals and thinkers who serve goals of Bayt Al-Hikma with their writings .
Founding a library to help researchers and scholars with their works

Chairman of the Board of Trustees

Energy subsidies and emissions reduction

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Change the value of the Iraqi currency .. Benefits and costs Seminar held by the Department of Economic Studies


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