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United Nations Convention Against Corruption

Translation mechanisms in international conferences and forums

The exchange rate of the Iraqi dinar against the dollar - problems and solutions

Demographic transition and sustainable development in Iraq

The language of visual patterns and their semiotic approachesThe feminist movement in Iraq over a hundred years between gains and challengesThe legal profession is the sanctity of right and the guarantee of justice and professional responsibilityThe exchange rate of the Iraqi dinar against the dollar - problems and solutionsTranslation mechanisms in international conferences and forumsDemographic transition and sustainable development in IraqEmpowering Iraqi women is a societal dutyMr. Yassin Tohme Al-Jubouri It specializes in translating rhetorical and religious textsUnited Nations Convention Against CorruptionNon-governmental organizations / evaluation studyInternational Education DayAdjective theory of holistic grammar and the future of teaching ArabicAdvisory group meetingHouse of Wisdom participates in developing the media planOil and gas price forecasts for 2023Linguistics from mass media to digital mediaShared responsibilities to face climate change in the light of the results of the 27th COP conferenceSufism in contemporary thoughtStrategy of the Government Program and Iraqi ElectionsThe Iraqi family between tradition and modernityInternational climate law and the effects of climate change World Arabic Language Day Celebration Personal data security in cloud computing applications - social networking sites as an exampleArab thought and promoting the values ​​of toleranceProspects of cooperation between the House of Wisdom and Al-Mustafa International UniversitySexual harassment in the work environmentMarginal groups: reality and treatmentsHouse of Wisdom pavilion participating in the Iraq International Book FairDiligence in the field of societal theories and systemsHistory, politics and society in Iraq and Japan.. between two perspectivesIndicators of the influence of social networking sites society and decision makersTotal Quality Management and Institutional Development Department ConferenceThe effect of philosophy on developing critical thinking among university studentsThe role of society in reducing immoral crimes: homosexuality as a modelviolence and human security for Iraqi womenThe wrong use of social networking sites and its impact on societyProfessor Muhammad Al-Shabki, Vice President of the Council of Iraqi MinoritiesA project to prepare high-level expertise in Arab and international affairs Moroccan affairs as a modelReligiosity and atheism: a psychosocial readingDomestic violence law and the phenomenon of divorce, its causes, effects and proposed solutionsModern trends in public administrationContemporary issues and the position of religious discourse on themThe Iraqi dinar: changing the exchange rate and raising zerosOn the sidelines of a philosophical questionArabic Rhetorical Achievement in the Light of Western Turning Points - Cognitive ApproachesInterfaith dialogue between Iraq and the VaticanUrban Iraq in the Twentieth Century.. Diverse PerspectivesDevelopments in the Palestinian cause and the futureThe clash of civilizations in Islamic thoughtJurists are pillars of state institutions to consolidate the rule of law

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Library of Baytalhikma

Bayt Al- Hikma Library
Bayt Al-Hikma library was established in 1996, and with assistance of the officials a collection of specialized sections of Bayt Al- Hikma was collected to serve the researchers. It about (4000) four thousand Arabic and foreign book were collected, and about (50) fifty quarterly reefed journals, as well as researches, reports, thesis and audible records of conference and seminars. 
After that, and to keeping up with the world technology, Bayt Al-Hikma build a huge library similar in form bayt al-hikma historical building , but in a modern system. This library was opened in 2016 with international official system (Symphony).
The library contains reading halls rich with books and magazines issued by scientific department of  bayt al hikma as well as that which bought or have been present from different local and international cultural centers, it also have a variety publications of center of Arab Unity studies in Beirut, and the Arab organization of translation, and most of official ministers and universities and various Iraqi's centers.
The library offer servants to the readers and researchers and for all interested people. These servants appears in two parts:
First: technical servants: classification and technology support
Second: the reader servants: borrowed, copy and references.
Also the building of the library contains a wide halls which supposed to be used to serve the readers and researchers.    

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Change the value of the Iraqi currency .. Benefits and costs Seminar held by the Department of Economic Studies


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