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the role of women in the economic field)

The agricultural sector in Iraq.. to where

The role of stability in consolidating Iraqi national security and its implications for foreign policy

A conceptual introduction to the quality management system

Human security and sustainable development in Iraq and the Arab worldAn awareness lecture to launch the national campaign (Because You Deserve)The annual competition on the occasion of International Translation DayInvestment and tourism development prospects, reality, challenges and ambitionStrategies for translating religious textThe Scholars Sponsorship Law, the Iraq Award for Creativity, and support for Iraqi scientists and innovatorsCombating financial and administrative corruption in state departments is the responsibility of all of usHouse of Wisdoms participation in the launch of the exhibition activitiesDialogues in creative translationThe path of development and international economic relationsClimate change: reality and challengesA conceptual introduction to the quality management systemViolent crimes against children and legal and human responsibilityThe role of stability in consolidating Iraqi national security and its implications for foreign policyThe semiotics of morphological derivationThe President of the Republic visits a libraryDr. Mahmoud Ali Al-Daoud, the nation's diplomatic memoryThe agricultural sector in Iraq.. to wherethe role of women in the economic field)Water crisis index in IraqInternet and human trafficking mafiasJuvenile Welfare Act Reality, ambition, and legal and humane treatments for the phenomenon of juvenile delinquencyintellectual extremism and aggressive behavior in European societies: burning the Holy Quran as a modelContemporary linguistic lesson among Arab linguistsPrecursors of urban sprawl on the labor market and the potential of the housing sectorClimate change and its impact on IraqIraq and the balance of interestsThe first international scientific conference on the role of civil society organizations in achieving the goals of sustainable developmentDisobeying the text and the translation act - The Merchant of Venice by Shakespeare as a model -The role of divine norms in the correct understanding of the biography of the Messenger (PBUH) and the pure imams (PBUH))Legal protection of the Iraqi economy in light of Current regional and international challenges to achieve the national interestThe translator's cultural effectiveness in spreading the narrative text in the target societyThe Philosophical Lesson in Contemporary Iraq: Origins and HarvestThe problematic application of democracy in Iraq - questions and solutionsSocial security in Iraq .. Opportunities for expansion and obstacles to regulationPrisoner of Conscience between Religion and Politics..Historical ReadingsDialogue and wisdom bilaterally dealing with people of religions in IraqHis Excellency the President of the Republic receives the Sheikh of Arab diplomatsOrganizational structures team meetingAcademics and the intellectual, scientific and reform construction of the stateAllama Tabatabaei between interpretation and philosophyTowards decent work in the platform economyPhilosophy and psychotherapyTowards Dialogue Social SciencesFoundations of communication with young people in the digital ageThe language of visual patterns and their semiotic approachesThe cost of inaction is the weakness of education in Iraq and the potential of developmental social protection programs to enhance education outcomesVisit of the Undersecretary of the Ministry of Culture, Tourism and AntiquitiesChallenges of cultural empowerment of womenProspects for promoting reconciliation and community peace in the liberated areas

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